PNG image format

What Is PNG And When To Use It?

PNG’s full form is Portable Network Graphics. It’s a raster image file designed to compress files without losing data. It’s a popular file type among web designers because it can easily handle graphics with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds.

In 1995, An internet group led by Thomas Boutell developed PNG and these days it is trendy and used worldwide. It supports transparent background and is supported by almost every browser and operating system.

PNG image format

What is PNG?

PNG or Portable Network Graphics is an Image file type made by an internet group led by Thomas Boutell in 1995 that was supported by 99.16% of browsers.

PNG Supporting Browsers

Why PNG is so popular?

Most people including me are using PNG images in our day-to-day life. Many mobile phones and DSLR cameras use PNG format to save image files. All these devices use PNG because –

  • It has better quality than JPEG
  • Supported by almost everywhere
  • Support transparent and semi-transparent background

A similar image file called JPEG(JPG) is also very popular but still, PNG is a more precious choice in terms of quality with the small image file.

How to compress PNG

Compressing a PNG file can reduce image file size without losing its quality. There are many online image-compressing tools like that help to make PNG smaller for free and without compromising quality.